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        AUSSIE LOGIC Kool & Kalm Horse Feed

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Aussie Logic Kool and Kalm's  protein, fat, & fiber levels, as well as the vitamin and mineral package was formulated to be as close to nature as possible to minimize the potential for digestive upsets.

AL K & K compliments the training process and assists in making horses calmer and more receptive to new concepts and ideas. Your horse will concentrate more intently and come down from an increase in mental stimulus quicker.

The calming effect comes from the way the horse utilizes the feed. Reducing high doses of sugar in their feed and balancing the nutrients to assist in obtaining optimal brain chemistry function is how Kool and Kalm helps calm your horse.

AL K & K is a wet steam extruded feed that utilizes high quality alfalfa as the fiber source, and has a nugget size suitable for all ages of horses. Alfalfa is recognized as one of the leading sources of digestible fiber for livestock. The use of alfalfa as the primary digestible fiber source ensures a consistent rate and extent of digestion reducing the possibility of digestive problems.

In addition the wet steam extrusion manufacturing process increases the digestibility of this fine feed to approximately 95%. an extruded feed with a nugget size suitable for all ages of horses.

       AUSSIE LOGIC Ultra Low Starch Horse Feed

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Aussie Logic Ultra Low Starch ( ULS) version of Kool & Kalm (above) has been specially formulated for those horses which have been prescribed a low starch diet due to their having Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance or other condition requiring a low starch feed.

Aussie Logic ULS can be safely fed to all horses.

When fed at the suggested rate,  ULS feed does not require any additional additives as all vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health are contained in the feed.

       AUSSIE LOGIC Omega Plus Race Horse Feed


Please visit each product page to determine which formula is right for your horse. Or visit your closest Authorized Dealer who can help you in making this decision.


AUSSIE LOGIC also produces other All Natural Filler Free feeds such as AUSSIE LOGIC Rack Developer Deer Feed and AUSSIE LOGIC 16% Rabbit Feed. Ask your dealer for more information on these feeds.


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