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AUSSIE LOGIC horse feed is unique, in that it is produced using cutting edge steam extrusion technology.

It is different from most feeds which are either textured or pelleted. The starch component of the feeds, derived from grain sorghum, is gelatinized in the extrusion process making it digestible in the small intestine.

The steam extrusion process renders AUSSIE LOGIC about 95% digestible, allowing the grain component to be fully digested in the small intestine. Extrusion also alters the fibers in the feed so they are easy for the bacterial flora in the large intestine and cecum to transform to useful energy.

Because there is no raw starch to ferment in the cecum or large intestine, the correct pH is achieved in the gut enabling the necessary bacteria to flourish allowing digestion of fiber to take place efficiently.

Your horse becomes highly efficient at utilizing fibrous forage (hay or grass), and that can save you money!

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